My urge for painting has been present since my early 20’s, and is becoming a bigger and bigger part of me and my identity.  The need for being creative became more and more prominent, and oil painting presented itself as the only option. What has been present at all times, is a mind that doesn’t progress in a straight line. A mind where regularity, predictability, and eternal status quo are the definition of idle dullness, whereas chaos, unpredictability and strong feelings appear as inspiring, comfortable, and necessary fuel for the creativity and wellbeing.


My paintings are plentiful, all of them with their own originality and expression. The high amount of energy with which they are painted, the bright colours, and the lack of strokes from a brush are key features that recur in all my paintings.

My style

The output from the above described mind is often powerful in its expression, and with no obvious agenda. Very few of the paintings are the result of prior preparation, mostly a vague idea of colours that will do well. The painting takes shape in the making, and is an image of the soul, heart and feelings present at that exact time. The best results emerge when my subconscious takes control, and the painting simply happens.  Every painting is signed on the back, rarely bears a title, and will be delivered without a frame. The reason for this is simply not to disturb the imagination of the beholder. All paintings represent truth, reality and uniqueness, and the beholder is open to interpret the painting in any direction she or he wants.

My MAterials

I only use high quality remedies for my art, to ensure its sustainability many years ahead. The frames are made of pinewood, and provides a sturdy frame. The canvas is typically at least 300g/m2, and fairly thick. With the powerful strokes from the spatulas, thinner canvasses would often break. Furthermore i simply like the feeling of a solid framework and canvas – not something flimsy and fragile.

I paint with a number of different classical oil paint, Van Gogh, Winsor & Newton, Rembrandt and my favourite Sennelier. Sennelier has a particular soft smell, which just seems to fit perfectly for painting.