Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – or so it’s said. But often, the real beauty is hidden and it takes time and effort to bring it to live. With the right elements, the right setting, and atmosphere, I can make that beauty come alive, resulting in amazing photos! A photoshoot is something that should be enjoyable, relaxed and improve your self confidence. I do all most all kind of photos, except passport style portraits. Artistic freedom is important, to bring the best of you to the camera, and create photos that match you on your best day !


Depending on the style and the expected result, the locations can vary. Some locations are good for panoramic shots, others are good for more intimate shots. In general most portrait or boudoir style photos, can be taken anywhere you feel comfortable. Sometimes backgrounds and locations seems ideal, but contains too many elements and disturbs the focus of the photo. I rarely take studio photos, as i always feel the result lacks emotion.

If you would like an exciting experience, with a beautiful result, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

–  622 560 500 or [email protected]  –

For privacy reasons, these examples are mostly photos not taken by me, but showcases the style and results you can expect.